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Explore Coastal Coders, an interactive web platform showcasing the evolving world of Smart Shipyards and Ports thanks to emerging, digital technologies! Gone are the days of solely relying on physical might; today’s maritime challenges are being tackled with the power of digital innovations and computer science.

Throughout Coastal Coders…

Prepare for a journey at the intersection of tradition and innovation. Equip yourself with the knowledge below to steer through the digital transformations shaping the maritime world.

Interactive Learning Awaits

Engage with interactive content designed to guide you through the key principles of computer science, leading you straight into the heart of maritime digital advancements. Explore technologies reshaping the maritime world:

· Cybersecurity: Securing the networks and data critical to shipbuilding, ship repair, ports, and naval shipyard operations.

· AR/VR: Innovating maritime training using immersive digital simulations.

· Digital Engineering & Cloud Technologies: Connecting maritime solutions of tomorrow using advanced cloud infrastructures.

· Digital Thread & Additive Manufacturing: Advanced 3D printing techniques and design to enhance maritime components and supply chain efforts.

· Electrical Renewable Energy: Transitioning ports and shipyards to sustainable marine power sources.

· Automation: Harnessing the future of unmanned maritime vessels and robotics.

· Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics: Maritime decisions heightened by data-driven AI insights.

Master Computer Science Fundamentals

· Algorithms and Programming: Learn about the coding and programming behind the emerging technologies.

· Computing Systems: Get to know the systems powering digital vessels.

· Cybersecurity: Learn how the maritime industry is securing important data on land and at sea.

· Data and Analysis: Uncover insights from the ocean of maritime data.

· Impacts of Computing: Understand computing’s role in different parts of the maritime industry.

· Networks and Internet: Discover the connectivity underpinning maritime operations.

Engage with Hands-On, Interactive Mini-Games

Experience the applications of computer science in maritime contexts. Make connections between digital technologies and their foundational roots in computational thinking!

Careers at the Confluence of Tech and Sea

Discover a world of careers where the digital realm intersects with maritime pursuits. Whether it’s in digital engineering, skilled careers, renewable energy, or data analytics explore career connections you might not have thought possible!


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Coastal Coders was funded by a portion of the 2019 One Community Transformation Grant, awarded to the Newport News Education Foundation by Newport News Shipbuilding, a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries.

Special thanks to Newport News Public Schools, Newport News Shipbuilding, and the Virginia Ship Repair Association for providing subject matter experts in the development of Coastal Coders content.